Do you have Disaster Recover plan?

Having good backup systems is critical to your on-going business success. Many small business don’t recover after a major data loss – it’s that important, yet it is still amazing how often we find businesses with poor or no backup systems. In 2011 we saw multiple natural disasters hit the world, including the devastating effect of the Christchurch earthquakes. Many businesses have struggled to recover from inadequate IT backup systems

Worldwide research shows that 40% of businesses that suffer a major data loss (like that of the Christchurch and Japanese earthquakes of 2011) close their doors and never reopen. Up to 25% of those who do manage to reopen don't survive for more than 12 months. Having good disaster recovery systems is critical. Physical disasters are not the only potential loss creators you need to be concerned about, viral attacks on servers can also completely disable a network and destroy data in moments.

We can provide a fully automated hands-off backup service using the product Shadow Protect. ShadowProtect is a well-known and reliable business continuity solution trusted by IT professionals worldwide to quickly and reliably back up, restore and migrate Windows full systems.

We backup your system to our site (which is also then replicated off-site) and having a full Shadow Protect backup means you can be up and running with minimal downtime after any event that destroys or compromises your IT systems.

All our online backup services are monitored 24x7. So we know as soon as there is an issue – alerts are triggered to multiple technicians allowing us to ensure we always have your backups operating.

Costs: Depending on what is needed backup costs start from $95 plus GST per month, contact us for more details.

So if would like to ensure you have good reliable & off-site backups get in touch with us, we are always happy to help.

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