Do you have valuable data floating all over your office in Word documents, legacy systems and spreadsheets?

Do you have a product that needs to be presented to your clients in a mobile format?

What if we could offer a way to resolve both these issues?

  • "I've managed OK so far"
  • "My business can’t afford it"
  • "I’ve looked at off-the-shelf database packages, they won’t do what I want"
  • "Impossible"

But if it were possible how would you use that time? Grow your business? Get your life back?


Did you know that 20% of people in New Zealand have made a purchase in the last year using their mobile phone. This number is growing rapidly. Do you want to miss the opportunity to sell to those people? We can help develop an application for your business to best target the mobile consumer audience


A customized database, designed around your unique business methods and processes, can get the work done quicker, smarter and more efficiently, and make your business more competitive at the same time.