The difference between a Mobile App and a Web App

A mobile app is a downloadable application designed and available specifically on mobile devices. A Web App is a mobile specific version of your web presence or business that is available to any device with a web browser.

Mobile App or Web App

In all likelihood a Web App is going to be the best fit for your business. Unless you are doing something that specifically requires a mobile app interface you’ll find a Web App much more universal, also any updates to a Web App are available to all users immediately rather than relying on them downloading an update as they would for a Mobile App

What can Technology Solutions Do for me?

We can do whatever you would like, we are happy to sit down and discuss the merits of either option and are fully versed in both varieties of app. Should you be looking at a new Web site with us we will discuss the Web version of your web site as a standard feature


This mobile web app was created for McKenzies Electrical to allow their electricians to enter a Compliance Certificate using their iPads onsite and instantaneously send it out to their clients as a PDF, could your business use a similar tool to increase efficiency?

Mckenzies Electrical App page 1 Mckenzies Electrical App page 2 Mckenzies Electrical App page 3

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