While a major component of IT can be done remotely, having an onsite presence at times can’t be beat for that local interaction and having a complete site understanding.

Being local means we can have a regular weekly or fortnightly visit (or whatever is needed) and keep in touch with your staff and school needs.

By having a good understanding of your needs and requirements we are in a much better position to provide helpful advice. We are not just interested in fixing your broken computer (that’s only a small part of what we do) the bigger picture is knowing what you do and helping you do it better.

For example we can assist with…


We can run specific training courses covering such things as how to you your ipad or mobile device more effectively, or perhaps how to better use Microsoft Office


So often schools end up with difficult systems so much so that they don’t get used much (or even at all). So many options exist in the audio visual area sometimes all that is needed is a good discussion of needs. And don’t worry – if we can’t supply the solution at the best price we will be up front and tell you were to go and buy your TV so you get the best deal.


Schools are increasingly needing to be more effective when it comes to managing security, both of IT systems and physical locations. Tech Solutions are a licensed security systems provider and can deploy security cameras as needed.

So if you want to take advantage of a Tech Solutions service plan and have your IT systems better managed, give us a call on 0800 878 878, we are always happy to discuss.