If you’re on the Net, get a check.

The Internet is a scary place and online there are dozens of ways a computer can be infected with spyware, viruses, and malware. If your computer is slow and doesn’t respond, the system reboots, freezes or crashes, displays unexpected pop-up windows, can’t print or is not performing as you expect, then you could have a bug?

For $97 including GST we’ll give your PC or Mac a Net Check and what’s more we’ll fix any issues we find at no extra cost*. It pays to stay safe on the Net. To Book your Net Check phone 0800 878 878.

*Conditions.Depending on the issues and customer data backups we have to assess each net check on a case by case basis. In some situations completing a full check and repair for $97 inc gst might not be practical depending on the issues – in the event of this occurring we will advise the client and discuss options. Hardware faults are not included and the client should have valid software licenses.