1 Concept

We discuss requirements, goals and address any concerns.

We analyse how the website fits within current business systems, we talk about target audiences, identity and branding.

We discuss site architecture and talk a little about design concepts.

2 Design

We "mock up" a few designs as images, this is the "look & feel" part.

You look at mock-ups and suggest changes, we make changes and come back later, this bit is cyclical and hopefully we go through the cycle once, maybe twice.

The design is complete, we talk money and get an agreement in place

3 Build

We start coding, we will provide access for you to view progress.

This is where we plugin any CMS or e-Commerce tools required. We build a template that can be duplicated to create the sub-pages.

Content, keywords and descriptions etc are added for search engine optimisation.

Finally we test against all major web browsers in the market.

So if you're in need of some help with getting a website setup, or even just some friendly advice, get in touch with us.

To discuss how Tech Solutions can help you call us on 0800 878 878 or email office@techs.co.nz.