Darryl looks after a number of our TECHCare clients

TechCare is a partnership between the client and Technology Solutions where IT support is provided on a regular scheduled basis permitting known budgeting of IT expenses and preferential pricing.

Technology Solutions ensures a technician is available for regular on-site services. Non-urgent matters would be resolved during this time. Unlike typical service contracts, whatever the amount of time agreed upon, Technology Solutions will ensure a technician is on-site for the required duration. TechCare hours are purchased in advance at a discounted rate and are accumulated if service is not required and can be consumed at a later date.

Appointments for the utilisation of the contracted time will be made to suit the client - this may be on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly frequency. Urgent issues that arise will be attended to as soon as possible. The client would have the right to decide to have this time deducted from the total contracted time for the month if they wish.

A preferential pricing scheme would be established for the client where all hardware, software and consumable products are invoiced at our preferential pricing scheme. There is no compulsion to purchase from Technology Solutions but we would appreciate the opportunity to provide a quotation for all these IT related products.

Having a technician scheduled to visit on a regular basis allows for issues to be addressed in a more consistent manner, often these items are ignored until they present a mission critical problem.

For example…

  • Appropriate monitoring of backup procedures and testing the backup to verify they are operational.
  • Monitoring of resources in the various workstations/file servers. Items such as free disk space, error logs, and Windows errors can be checked.
  • Ensuring anti-virus software and procedures are maintained and that Virus updates are being performed on a regular basis.
  • Testing of UPS Power Supply batteries to ensure a high level of system availability.
  • Any of the latest applicable software updates and patches are installed to overcome known software bugs.
  • Documentation of all hardware and software on-site.

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