We repair computers - with our years of experience and wide ranging set of skills Technology Solutions are able to solve practically any computer-related problem you may be having. If your laptop is broken and needs repairing we can help. In addition to our servicing work we provide a complete suite of internet services: domain name hosting, email services and database/online shopping services. We offer on-site call-out services to resolve whatever IT problems you may have. Having twelve full time technicians we can offer a prompt response at an affordable price.

We have two hourly rates:

  • Casual IT work is charged at $97.00+GST per hour,
  • Network server work is charged at $105.00+GST per hour.

Charging is made in 30-minute increments. To schedule a technician to call, complete our contact form or call us on 0800 878 878.



Perhaps we can fix it without needing to pay you a visit? Our remote support tool is a bit of software that runs on your computer that allows us to work on your computer as if we are right there with you! Saves time and the planet.


TechCare is a maintenance programme being offered by Technology Solutions that is similar to a service contract but significantly better, but then we would say that. Imagine having your own IT Department! What's more, with TechCare you can't lose as unused time can be accumulated!