The education sector presents a unique challenge when it comes to effectively managing IT. As always budget issues exist and so it is important that the correct systems are setup.

One key to this is having a suitable Technology roadmap, so everyone knows what the IT strategy is, where things are going and why. Once this is in place future decisions become easier as they are made to line up with the overall strategy.

We work with quite a number of schools ranging from small rural sites to large 1,000+ student colleges, so we have the experience and skills to help effectively manage your IT needs.


With UFB becoming common place in schools the internet is getting more and more use and it is becoming practical to extend the usage to students own devices. Many schools are putting into place BYOD (bring your own device) systems to allow this.

Before schools can make full-scale digital learning a reality, they have to put in place the proper infrastructure. In this new digital environment, teachers are able to achieve more during lessons, while students are more engaged in learning. And for the school, unlimited access at a fixed cost means there are no unpleasant surprises or budget overruns.

Enterprise Wifi

With the addition of UFB to many schools providing a fast and effective wifi solution that covers a whole school campus isn’t a simple process.

Add to that the complexity of ensuring one student doesn’t unfairly impact the internet resource for the other users, it’s critical this is setup correctly.