Schools face increasing challenges to provide higher-speed and more reliable Wi-Fi to students, teachers and staff. With the increase in bring your own devices (BYOD) and curriculum changes that require entire classes to concurrently get online to view material, collaborate on projects and present their work.

Schools need secure, full coverage, and consistent connections even when entire classes start utilising the internet at the same time. But for most schools, tighter budgets and limited IT staffs make the implementation difficult. And with the addition of UFB to many schools providing a fast and effective wifi solution that covers a whole school campus isn’t a simple process.

Tech Solutions wifi solution can provide a saleable solution that doesn’t need to break the budget, and by growing the installation gradually the whole school doesn’t need to be installed at once, it can be a staged deployment that doesn’t adversely impact the costs.

Tech Solutions wifi can provide…

  • Traffic management – each student gets a limited ‘slice’ of the internet pie. This is important to both ensure the performance is consistent for all users and also to prevent one 'rogue' device taking out the entire network. By controlling the traffic usage it ensures a consistent level of service is delivered to all the users.
  • Content filtering – inappropriate sites can be both filtered at the local student level or for the whole school. Add to that the content filtering provided by WatchDog and we can ensure the systems are robust and secure. Deploying the filtering via WatchDog ensures you get enterprise level internet filtering for no cost.
  • Centralised management – it’s critical that large sites can be effectively managed from one location without having to try and manage the setup on dozens of wireless units located about the school. By also using effective monitoring we can see at a glance if any of the units have been disconnected.
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Ruckus Wireless certified - so you know you are getting your wireless installed and managed set by industry best practices

So if you're in need of some help with getting an effective site-wide Wifi solution give us a call, we're happy to answer all those tricky questions.

To discuss how Tech Solutions can help you call us on 0800 878 878 or email office@techs.co.nz.