Desktop PCs are the machines that get your business done. Desktops are around for those jobs that a laptop just wont cover, naturally we sell desktops (and laptops). They offer high power, reliability and are easily able to be upgraded without having to buy a whole new machine. Whether you are on a budget or looking for a top of the line machine we'll have a solutions for you.

Some things to consider when selecting a desktop are:

  • Tasks - What do you need this machine to be able to do, now and in the future?
  • Screen size - Bigger isn't always better (but usually it is)
  • Backup - Both power and data backups are a must these days
  • Warranty - How long is it and what's the repair process?
  • Software - What products do you need to get your work done?


All in one device

All In Ones are useful for saving space. By hiding all of the PCs components behind an LCD screen, all-in-ones cram as much computer as possible into something that looks just like a flat-panel television. Besides reducing desktop clutter, the generally stylishly-designed all-in-ones look nice on the media credenza in the living room.

Many All-In-One manufacturers are now releasing these machines with touch screens to take advantages of the new Windows 8 Interface. Ask us today what we can get for you


Dual monitors can improve your productivity

Two screens are definitely better than one, we recommend to all our clients that for high users they should be considering multiple screens, which boosts productivity. A second screen allows for one primary application like email to remain open on one screen while your focus of the current task, say a Excel spreadsheet might be on the other screen. Windows can be dragged from one screen to another removing the need to keep switching between windows.

Several studies have concluded that dual-monitor setups take productivity to the next level, including one done by researchers at Microsoft, who found that second monitor can boost productivity by up to 50% when it comes to tasks like copying and pasting [read more here:] A Jon Peddie Research survey also found that an extra monitor boosts output between 20-30% [read more here:].

With a single monitor, every time a new window is brought up on the screen, your eyes and brain need to reorient themselves. These seconds of mental processing can add up. In fact, The University of Utah determined that workers could save up to 2.5 hours per day when using larger (24”) or dual monitors. That means in an 8.5-hour workday, your employer will benefit from over an extra day of productivity per week from you, while you’ll enjoy more screen real estate and easier working. It’s a win-win.

So to upgrade your desktop upgraded get in touch with us, don't worry if you won't benefit from an upgrade we won't see you one!

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