Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions is

an IT company, and although we are based in Masterton, NZ we have clients that are around the globe. The business was established way back in 1976 by Ted Paris as a home appliances store and electrical services. Almost forty years later all that’s remained the same is the dedication in providing quality products and service, well, and maybe the haircuts!klmdfk;lvmdf;klvdfv

After the fun (and dollars) had gone from selling washing machines Ted took a bold step and started the Wairarapa’s first bureau processing facility. This required a huge investment in computer equipment that took up a whole room, had hard disks the size of a fridge and was a lovely brown colour. In fact we still have one of these hard disks on display, it weighs a massive 20kg and stores a mere 60Mb.

Initially we were Wairarapa Computer Services and provided a facility for clients to come and have their accounts processed by our magnificent Datapoint mini-computer. It could process over 7 tax returns a day! As PCs became more and more common we started to support our clients that had their own systems. Gradually the size of hard disks began to increase and the cost of the equipment started to decrease, this computer stuff we decided, was going to stay around. Check out this old quote back when computers cost more than cars

In 1995 Wairarapa Computer Services purchased our local competitor, ComputerLand and inherited the ComputerLand franchise (frankly, it wasn’t a great inheritance). After a brief stint with ComputerLand we quickly learned that it wasn’t for us. Most of the large corporates that ComputerLand’s business was based on were not in Masterton. In 1999 the ComputerLand name was dropped, and the horror ended! Ted Paris had been trying to convince Simon Griffiths (who had been working for Ted for a number of years) to buy the company, initally he resisted but eventually he gave in and purchased the business. It was renamed to Technology Solutions and in 2005 we shifted from the original premises at Kuripuni, which is now Pak n Save, to Hessey House at 21 Worksop Road, we knew we had outgrown that location when everything was an omnishamble, and in November 2011 we moved to our current custom built location at 22 Victoria Street.

As we have changed we have continued to focus on providing back-up support and expertise for our clients. We are now the largest (and also the best) company of our type in the Wairarapa and employ fifteen staff. We have skills in covering a wide range of computer services, from network installation to web development to security cameras.





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