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25 May 2018: For Immediate Release

Masterton Businesses early adopters of the latest CCTV Technology

Masterton IT company Technology Solutions demonstrated the latest in CCTV camera technology to a group of Masterton business over breakfast at the Solway Park Hotel yesterday.

The technology behind CCTV cameras has taken a giant leap forward in the last couple of years and this was an opportunity to show the latest technology” says Technology Solutions General Manager David Ware.

“Today’s cameras incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and this is what is behind all the latest applications like facial recognition systems. Just a few years ago this technology was only available to the likes of the CIA and some of the world’s biggest airports. Now it has reached a price point where Masterton business such as hotels, bars and even dairies are all actively considering installing this technology.

Other technology on display included ‘see in the dark’ thermal cameras that can identify an intruder in pitch black conditions up to 1Km away as well as cameras capable of reading and recording number plates.  Number plate recognition has become particularly popular with companies wanting to limit access to yards and carparks. Rather than install barrier arms and swipe cards the number plate recognition cameras are being hooked up to barrier arms so that access is controlled by the vehicles number plates.

“You can expect to see increasing numbers of these systems appearing across town in the coming months” says Ware.


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