Emergency Support and Response

While we have always prided ourselves on having an excellent response time for any call during the business week we have never provided any official after hours service to our treasured clients. From now on we’ll provide an on-call technician 24/7 who can respond to your emergency call within an hour. We know that a lot of our clients run 24/7 and have business critical IT systems that need to stay running outside of our normal hours.

After hours service will run as follows:

  • Call our normal number (06) 370 8093 or 0800 878 878
  • Listen to the prompt and follow the instructions to continue
  • All after hours service will be charged at $150+GST per hour
  • There is a minimum of 1 hour call out fee for all calls.

We aim to provide this service to ensure a reasonable and timely response to any after hours emergency work, and give our team a well earned break from calls when they are not on-call.

Any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 06 370 8093