BYOD, what is it and what do I need to know about it?

With UFB becoming common place now schools the internet is getting more and more use and it is becoming practical to extend the usage to students own devices. Many schools are putting into place BYOD (bring your own device) systems to allow this.

Before schools can make full-scale digital learning a reality, they have to put in place the proper infrastructure. In this new digital environment, teachers are able to achieve more during lessons, while students are more engaged in learning. And for the school, unlimited access at a fixed cost means there are no unpleasant surprises or budget overruns.


It can be a challenge to provide a solution that can support a teaching system focused on digital learning, add to that hundreds of students connected simultaneously the systems must be easily scalable and have the costs manageable.


Schools need a robust and reliable internet service, with so many students and staff relying on the internet an outage can cause disruption to hundreds of students and staff. Online resources are now an integral part of the teaching process and instead of students all sourcing information from the same book, they’re doing their own research online.


Tech Solutions has the skills and ability to develop campus wide wifi and the tools and resources to effectively manage the internet usage. With our expertise and skills we can ensure that students can’t abuse their internet usage and that the internet resource is correctly shared amongst the whole school. Add to that the filtering solutions from Watchdog we can deliver a solid and secure system that staff, students and parents can have confidence in.