Window, Apple, Android, which is best? Which should I get?

In the not too distant past, if you had asked this question in regards of a PC, tablet or phone there would have more than likely been a clear winner. I think those days have gone and the more important question is which device will suit me best. Each vendor will of course make claim to having the best device in the market place, but if that device has a bundle of features that you will never use then it’s probably not the best device for you. Personally, I’ve been a long time Android user but have just made the switch to Apple for my phone and tablet. While there a number of network tools that don’t exist on the iPhone that I miss greatly, the iPhone allows me to edit reoccurring appointments in my calendar which the android doesn’t. My day evolves heavily around my calendar so for me personally that one feature out ways the loss of the network tools. So for me, for the way I want to use my phone the Apple is the best device. My advice if you are looking to get a tablet or Phone for the first time or looking to replace an existing one but not sure which to get, make a list of what you know you want it to do and what you think you might like it to do. Ask around friends and family that have those devices that you are interested in. Get their comments on what they love about their device, and what they don’t. Then make a choice on which ticks the most boxes and enjoy So if you’re in need of some smartphone help, or even just some friendly advice give us a call — we are always happy to help.

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