Most businesses reach a point where their accounts need to be processed by a computer. Selecting an appropriate package can be bewildering and many businesses become ingrained with systems with disparate purposes – the software package only performs basic accounting and a smorgasbord of spread-sheets and manual forms drive the day to day business functions.

This can lead to inefficiencies and plenty of scope for human error. Expending some time on researching applications that reflect the needs of business (combined with accounting functions) will enhance the company’s operations and consequent service to its clientele. Some items to consider when selecting a suitable package:

  • Pricing versatility – ability to set pricing levels based on customer, quantity, group, discounts, etc. Easy to update and revise.
  • Point-of-Sale – fast sales processing with barcodes, integrated EFTPOS to ensure accuracy.
  • Job Costing – create quotes and estimates, easy entries of actuals and materials, comparison of quoted versus actual.
  • Job Scheduling – assign Jobs to calendars, schedule regular equipment maintenance.
  • Reporting – reports providing decision making information rather than static facts and figures.
  • Multiuser – good performance on all network sizes, undemanding of resources.
  • Most accountants will recommend a package that suits them – choose one that suits your business.

To discuss the specific needs of your business on what the most appropriate, economic and effective accounting package would be for you, please contact our expert, Ian Hannan